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We Found Love Online

We Found Love Online

Interracial/Intercultural Love: African-American Woman and Indian Man


Hi!  Our names are Ajay and Brittany.  I, Brittany am an African-American woman.  I am originally from Detroit, MI but I grew up for the most part in Tennessee.  I moved to New York City, NY after College in 2010.  My fiancé, Ajay is an Indian man.  Ajay is originally from New Delhi, India and moved to the U.S. in 2006 for College when he was just 17 years old.  We are both entrepreneurs and credit falling in love with each other due to our shared love and passion fo: business, family, philanthropy, and spiritual growth.


We met in 2011 via a dating app.  Ajay was the first and last person I met after trying the app for the first time.  As for Ajay…I can frankly say who’s knows–lol/jk!  The fact that we met via a dating app use to be something we kept away from people, but we both realize it is nothing to be ashamed of.  It doesn’t matter how we came to meet just that we did.



Brittany reveals that my parents loved Ajay from the beginning.  What they loved most of all is how he treats me.  My mom akin to myself is a very open-minded, and liberal person.   My Dad, however, was a bit more nervous, and curious as to how our relationship would be accepted in Ajay’s culture and family.


Brittany states that Ajay’s family loved her from the beginning as well.  Although, they didn’t meet until years after they had been dating due to the fact his parents are still in India.  And Ajay has been too busy to travel home for a while; hence, they would always chat on the phone and FaceTime each other.
In fact, Ajay’s dad and Brittany formed a close bond despite the fact he doesn’t speak English and she speaks very little Hindi.  In 2016, Brittany spent almost spent 4 months in India with Ajay’s family almost entirely alone while she was volunteering at a local school.  Ajay’s dad looked out for Brittany as a daughter, as did his mom, brother and sisters, they all always accepted her with open arms despite any cultural differences.  They are very loving people and Brittany believes they were able to see that Ajay loves her and she loves Ajay.  Brittany also believes that Ajay’s family appreciates that she is here, as his family, since they are not in the U.S.


Brittany and Ajay write, our best advice is as follows:

Ajay shares– Respect each other’s culture.  Don’t try to push your beliefs on one another. Try to take time to learn about one another’s culture, and to understand each other’s varying viewpoints, and opinions.

Brittany shares– Be confident and trust that no matter how different your backgrounds maybe you were brought together for a reason.  You are what each other needs to push one another out of your comfort zone to evolve into the person you’re meant to be.



Ajay says– I’ve learned the importance of humbling yourself, learning from your partner, and growing together.

Brittany says– Staying positive!   Constantly seeking to see the good in your partner despite their flaws, and most of all trust.  Trusting that you fell in love for a reason and for that alone you owe it to yourself, and your partner to fight to overcome any issues because you believe in your love.

Thank you Brittany and Ajay for sharing your empowering love story.  We believe that online dating leading to marriage is becoming the norm and that’s a beautiful thing.  Please help us in congratulating them on their engagement!    Have a question for us?  Write us  Have a comment?  Share/post a comment below! Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook @growingupguptas and on Twitter@growingupgupta.

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  1. Pauline Scott says:

    What a lovely and positive relationship…nice to see that both sides supported there love for one another. Also it made me realise there are no excuses to connection and bonding. I loved how Brittany was able to bond and connect with her future father in law how wonderful to imagine and feel… God bless you both, your story put a huge smile on my face?❤

    1. Growing Up Gupta says:

      Hi Pauline!
      Thank you for reading and writing! We also love how both sides supported this beautiful couple being together.

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