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No One Believed That I Am South Asian Too

No One Believed That I Am South Asian Too


Kanayo Aikpaojie, is 21 years old. She currently attends CBU as a graduate student studying Forensic Psychology. Kanayo is South Asian/Indian and Nigerian. More specifically, her mother is from Rajasthan, India.  While her father is Ishan, and his family is from the town of Ohordua, in Nigeria’s Edo State. Kanayo grew up in Southern California, Orange County; however, she often travels back to her family’s home countries.

When Did Kanayo Realize She Was Biracial

There wasn’t a specific time when Kanayo realized that she was biracial due to the colorism in her family. Instead, it was always evident that she didn’t have the yellow skin tone that her mother’s side of the family has and that she was mixed. However, Kanayo didn’t acknowledge the South Asian side of her heritage for a long time because no one believed her.

Kanayo and her mom

Does Kanayo Identify More Closely With One Side Of Heritage Than The Other

Kanayo identifies more with her South Asian side because she is Hindu. Her mom immersed her and her siblings in her culture more than her dad. When she visited Nigeria with her parents during her childhood, they were reserved due to fear of something terrible happening that they didn’t explore, and family didn’t visit.

Did Kanayo Have Difficulty Finding Her Identity Or Fitting In With Others Due To Being Biracial

Yes. Kanayo found it hard to connect physically with other South Asians because they always excluded her due to how dark her skin tone is and the fact that she isn’t 100% South Asian.

What Has Kanayo’s Experience Been With Prejudice And Discrimination

Kanayo has always experienced prejudice from her South Asian family because she is half Black. Truthfully they have ridiculed her for being too dark.

How Does Kanayo Celebrate Being Nigerian and South Asian/Indian Today

Today Kanayo celebrates being Nigerian and South Asian/Indian by speaking her native languages, eating her cultural foods, and being unapologetically herself despite who it upsets.


What Advice Would Kanayo Give Other Children That Are From Multicultural/Multiracial Backgrounds

Kanayo’s advice for other children is that you don’t need your culture’s validation to celebrate your heritage.

Kanayo’s Advice To Parents Raising Multiracial Children

Do not seclude them from your partner’s/spouses upbringing. Acknowledge your children’s beauty regardless of whether they are biracial or not.

What Does Kanayo Wish Others Knew About The Unique Struggles Of Biracial People

Kanayo wishes people understood how colorism and racism connected with being biracial creates severe trauma and insecurities.

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