Interracial Dating

7 No, No’s Of Interracial/Intercultural Dating

7 No, No’s Of Interracial/Intercultural Dating

Loving Day And Beyond…

Unequivocally, interracial/intercultural dating and marriages have grown astronomically in the U.S. since Loving vs. Virginia.  Loving vs. Virginia is a June 12, 1967 ruling by the U.S. supreme court which voided laws prohibiting interracial marriage.  This decision prompted a rise in interracial marriages and is commemorated each year as Loving Day.

Yet being in an interracial/intercultural relationship is still not an easy feat for many of us.  As such, the relationship should not be taken for granted.  Nor should it be riddled with less respect than a relationship with a significant other of the same ethnicity/culture.  We were presented with the question of what are some interracial/intercultural dating no, no’s?  Here are our top 7.

7 No, No’s Of Interracial/Intercultural Dating


1.) As fun as it may seem don’t make fun of each other’s cultures.  Sure, it can be funny at first but it can also create lingering resentment.
2.) Ask questions without thinking them through.   Such as?  Your people always… I don’t get why you all do X?
3.) Act like interracial/intercultural dating is a trendy, or trendy for you to be doing at the moment.  I actually knew a guy that said, “I want to date a Black woman and an Asian woman before I get married.’  I’m testing the waters because I have to have my Anglo kids.”  Interracial/Intercultural dating should not be about testing any waters as exotic as it may seem.
4.) Press to meet family members, or parents before you know all the key dynamics to the culture.
5.) Believe the stigmas tied to race/ethnicity and complexion.  Sorry, there is not a one size fit all here.
6.) Ignore each other’s differences.  There is something amazing about how cultures can be similar and different.
7.) Just live in the moment with no consideration of the long-term. If this relationship is serious then talk about your religion(s), family values, politics, children etc.

Are you in an interracial/intercultural relationship?  What are your no, no’s when it comes to dating? Feel free to share this post and comment below! Like our content? Subscribe!

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  1. Jessie says:

    Number four is a tough one. Can you speak to that more?

    1. Growing Up Gupta says:

      Sure! In many families tradition is king and bringing someone from outside can be hard. There is a huge learning curve that has to be addressed and many times meeting the family means that the relationship is serious and marriage is on the horizon. The learning curve can include: language, culture, customs etc. Hence although I understand the want/desire to meet the parents and other extended family when you are in a relationship with someone as a next step it can in fact be problematic to press. If of course you don’t understand all the internal family dynamics and expectations first. And of course, every family is different. Hope this helps!

  2. […] Interracial relationships are hard, but they are a blessing at the same time. Most of the time you will be going against the: wind, family, parents, society, friends, your security guard John and the friendly Uber driver ? No, you don’t deserve a gold medal for dating someone of a different race, but you do get to benefit from your partner’s experiences that could be significantly different from yours. However, for that to happen you have to constantly work on your relationship and push through. […]

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