Love That Defies Boundaries

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Interracial relationships are no longer sheltered from the public eye in the western world, but misconceptions skew the true meaning of love. The love between people of a different color does not exist solely because of skin, yet their relationships are too often shoved into a group separated from ‘traditional’ couples.

Love That Defies Boundaries is dedicated to bringing to light unseen, unheard, and unappreciated interracial and intercultural love stories. Apart from the typical stereotypes surrounding interracial relationships, the stories that paint the following pages will open your eyes to a world of love previously behind lock and key. This book not only hopes to entertain you with tales of unconditional love but looks to reveal that multiracial relationships go far beyond just black and white.

There’s beauty in multiculturalism. Both interracial love and individualism provide a gorgeous blend of flavors from different parts of the world, mixing customs, traditions, and language as one. There’s more than meets the eye, and this book dives into the stories untold of interracial love, and multicultural people.

Still, with every great thing in life comes trials and hardship.  Falling in love with a partner of a different culture often has ramifications that can push relationships to the edge. Discrimination, judgement, and sometimes just awkward treatment from the general public. Families, despite promising love and support, don’t always look fondly upon interracial love, and culture-dependent may even distant themselves. The true reality of multicultural relationships is often convoluted with misconceptions and unwarranted judgment, sadly stripping away much of the magic.

Love shouldn’t be so hard.  There’s a key to keeping love amongst the hardship, one that this book reiterates through stories and tales: perseverance. While it may feel as though the whole world is stacked against you and your relationship, pushing through and never giving up on your love will take you to the other side. There’s nothing to prove, and outside opinions do not affect the connection felt. The color of your skin and the background you come from should not determine who you can love, so don’t let it hamper your relationships.

Love is a gift. Cherish it, and never leave it behind.  Those looking for inspiration, hope in their relationship,  should look no further than Love That Defies Boundaries. A collection of over 50 real stories by real people that highlights the magic and tragedy behind many multicultural relationships, the book takes a topic rarely covered and springs it into the spotlight for all to see. Best of all, the stories provide hope to those struggling to find it.

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1 review for Love That Defies Boundaries

  1. Ash

    Excellent stories and what a great resource for couples and families!

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