My Indian Mother-In-Law has been unwavering in her stance that our biracial (African-American and Indian-American) Daughter needs to go to daycare.  Since the time she was around 6 months old she has almost daily asked us “is she in day care yet?”  Her belief is that day care will teach our Daughter the social skills she needs to interact with other children and also prepare her for school.  In addition, it is the sure fire way to ensure that our daughter is not clingy.


However, my Husband and I have found quite the opposite in our high needs Daughter.  She is the least clingy of all my In-Laws Grandchildren. She is sociable, easy-going, and independent.  She constantly shocks adults because she is the first to open her mouth and say hi to a stranger walking by while also being grossely perceptive of their demeanor.

We put together a back to school social for our neighborhood Home Owners Association (HOA) last year  and at 18 months old our Daughter was more than eager to play with all the kids in attendance.  So much so, that when my Husband and I were introducing ourselves to our neighbors our Daughter decided to go and play catch with some teenagers in attendance.  And we were floored! We knew she was a social butterfly in the making but did not presume that she would have the desire or notion to play with children that were alot older than her.  Somewhat uneasy her Dad went and told our Daughter there were some other kids he wanted her to meet and play with instead.  She followed after him with a slight curiosity and we introduced her to two little girls that were around the same age as her.  Disinterested, minutes later, our Daughter said “I go play”, and ran back over to play with the  teenagers she was previously playing catch with.  Being the Momma and Papa Bear that we are, as first time parents, my Husband followed after her and saw our Daughter giggling and having the time of her life. Hence the next time that my Mother-In-Law asked us about day care my Husband confidently asserted that: our Daughter might actually be too much of a socialite right now, it is best for us to reinforce boundaries, and finish up potty training .  In response, my Mother-In-Law yet again stated that  “I still think she needs to go to daycare.”


As a parent have you heard something similar?  Is daycare the only way to ensure that a child has the social skills they need for school? Have a similar story? Write us. Post a comment below. Like our content? Subscribe!


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