The Art of Interracial Marriage

Interracial/Intercultural Love Story–We Kept Our Marriage A Secret…

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Interracial/Intercultural Love Story

We Kept Our Marriage A Secret For A Couple Of Years

My husband and I have been together for 12 years and married for 7 years.  We had a rocky start as my somewhat traditional Indian family had a very hard time accepting our relationship.  We kept our marriage a secret for a couple of years until I finally told them.  It was about 2 years before my father would speak to me but thank God, that has all turned around and I can happily say my husband now has a good relationship with my parents. It’s difficult being first generation Indian in America and it took some time for the family to understand.

We are hoping to get pregnant soon and I have always wondered what our babies would look like as I have not been around any other Black and Indian couples.  Not that it matters just something I have wondered about.

Thank again for sharing your beautiful and amazing journey with us Parul.

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  1. […] On my travels back home, reality set in, and I knew it was time to tell my Dad. You see, I didn’t tell my Dad about my relationship at all. Dating is still pretty frowned upon in our culture.   I needed to be sure that we were heading down the road to forever before breaking the news. Yes – you read that correctly, my relationship of 5 years was a secret! […]

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