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Where Are They Now? We Found Love Online

Where Are They Now?

We Found Love Online

In May of 2019, I introduced you to Ajay and his fiancée Brittany. Brittany is African-American, and she was born in Detroit, MI, but she grew up in Tennessee and moved to New York in 2010 after College. Ajay is Indian, and he is originally from New Delhi, India. He moved to the U.S. in 2006 for College when he was just 17 years old. 

Brittany and Ajay met in 2011 via a dating app. Ajay was the first and last person she met after trying the app for the first time. The fact that they met via a dating app used to be something they hid from people, but they both realized it is nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t matter how they came to meet, just that they did. What’s more, while Brittany’s parents loved Ajay initially, her dad was nervous and curious about if their relationship would be accepted (by Ajay’s culture and with his family). 

Ajay and Brittany

Getting Married And Moving To Mexico To Live Life To The Fullest

Since then, Brittany and Ajay got married and had two ceremonies. The first was a traditional Christian ceremony in September 2019 in Georgia, and the second was in December 2019 in India. Married life has been outstanding, and they are constantly learning from one another and growing. 

Ajay and Brittany at their Indian wedding ceremony in India
Brittany and Ajay at their Christian ceremony in Georgia
Ajay and Brittany at their Christian ceremony in Georgia

The pandemic presented them with some challenges, as it did everyone, but it also gave them the unique opportunity to live and work remotely, which they took full advantage of. Ajay and Brittany left NYC and have been living in Mexico on and off since June 2019, and they are the happiest they have probably been in the ten years they have been together.

Before moving to Mexico, Brittany and Ajay had already traveled to so many places together but living abroad, especially somewhere like Tulum, where they currently are, has given them a chance to slow down a bit. They have been able to escape the noise and find the clarity needed to be in complete alignment with each other and to actualize the vision they have for their life as husband and wife. Eventually, Ajay and Brittany plan to make their way back to the United States, but right now, they are loving and living in the moment. And it feels great.  Find them on Instagram.  Read their original love story from 2019 here!

Brittany and Ajay in Tulum, Mexico

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