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My post baby weight loss celebration has been at a snails pace.  An utter contradiction to all the jabber about how effortless it will be to lose the baby weight.  I did everything they prescribe you to do in the welcome to motherhood articles and books.  That’s right make sure you: nurse your baby because nursing burns calories and the longer the better, eat a healthy diet (I shun all things fried), drink plenty of water, and workout when your body feels ready.  There is no rush to the post baby body reveal, right?


Nevertheless, my baby weight stayed put and has started to come off after I stopped nursing, finally got adequate sleep, and found the right distractions for our daughter so that I could really focus on working out.  This I might add is a continuous joyride because our daughter is a night owl, hates sleeping on her own, and is always in constant need of things to do.



Prior to having our daughter, I was a workout fanatic.  I loved running and trying any and all new workouts.  And now, I am still working on getting my groove back into running full swing (it has been harder than I could have imagined) and so I have relied more on workout videos.  What I have found is that they have help me to get in an amazing workout while also acting as a great distraction for our daughter.  Why?  Because she can do the workout with me or act like she is trying to.


Hence when I was contacted about Sarina Jain’s new HIIT program for men and women called TRANSFORMATION, I was all ears.  Sarina is the first to combine Indian dance with her passion for fitness to introduce Masala Bhangra.  And HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  It is an extremely popular exercise style these days because it challenges your body and provides you the opportunity to scorch alot of calories in a short time.  In addition, this new workout promised to have some amazing Bhangra music and moves in it.


So what was the workout like?  Let me just say, as I started the workout I immediately wished I had it when my husband (who is Indian) and I were dating.  Why?  This workout video alone could have helped prepare me for dancing at Indian festivities.   Thus, if you love Bhangra you will love this workout.  If you love P90X3 or Insanity which is a HIIT type of program you will love TRANSFORMATION.

The workout routine is progressive and will not leave you standing there thinking what do I do next or I need to rewind this video because this is just going to fast for me.  The instructor and her multicultural workout team of men and women take you from one step to the next and you feel like you are in a series of Bollywood inspired movies.   It is action packed: there are burpees, jumps, push-ups, Bhangra moves, and of course great music.

My husband even chimed in as I was doing the workout and said I look like a Bollywood natural.  And that he even knew some Desi people that couldn’t do these moves that well.  In less than 30 mins I was pumped and covered with sweat.  So if you are looking for a new or innovative HIIT workout or want to learn some Indian dance moves while getting in a great workout then this workout is a must try. 

Here is our 3 year old daughter, Amaya attempting to workout to TRANSFORMATION with me.



***For those that are interested in a pregnancy/prenatal workout video they also have some prenatal workouts called Bollywood Baby and Bar Bhangra Baby.  And just for our readers they are providing 20% off with promo code Gupta20.


This is not a sponsored post.  All the thoughts are my own and this is just a real review of my experience with TRANSFORMATION.

Write us and let us know if you loved doing this new workout as much as we do.

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