Parenting The Art of Interracial Marriage


Our multicultural family has had nomadic tendencies.  See habits of successful career nomads for more details on what I mean by this.  To add to this, my husband travels globally for work and as a result we have been able to travel to some incredible places.  One place that we are particularly fond of is Hawaii.  Hawaii is renowned for its sandy beaches,  turquoise waters, dole pineapples, Kona coffee, and deep-rooted history.

In our travels to Hawaii we have realized there is more to Hawaii than meets the eye.  Here are five things many people don’t know/no one tells you about Hawaii.


1.) It is one of the  best places to raise a family in the U.S.  And also one of the top places to raise a biracial child/children in the U.S. 

2.) Hawaii has a strong family based culture.  Hawaiians swiftly reject individualism and embrace the family unit as the best form of human expression.  

3.) ABC Stores are everywhere. What is ABC? It is a convenience store that carries a small assortment of groceries, souvenirs, beer and wine, toiletries, and beach essentials.  There is literally one on every corner; it is a trap!

4.)  It is one of top places in the U.S. for foodies, multicultural, and fusion cuisine.

5.) Although it is one of the top places for foodies, multicultural, and fusion cuisine there is not a variety of vegetarian or kosher food available like there is on the mainland U.S.

Have you been to Hawaii?  Did you find out anything about Hawaii that you had never heard or realized before?

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