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October 2014 was our first multicultural family trip to Ireland.  We were heading to Ireland for a couple of weeks for a friend’s wedding.  And our daughter was going to be turning one during this time as well.


Slightly nervous but also excited to celebrate our friend’s nuptials and see what Ireland was all about we packed what seemed like a bus full of baby must-haves.  Additionally we researched Ireland online to determine what sights were a must-see after the wedding festivities had concluded.  Subsequent to our visit to Ireland we determined there are some things no one tells you about Ireland. Like what? Here are 10 things no one tells you about Ireland.


An Irish castle.


1.) There are Indian restaurants everywhere and Indian cuisine is even on the menu in most pubs.

2.) Castles, rolling hills, castles, rolling hills and more castles.  You think you have seen one or two castles and you have seen them all. Wrong!  Each castle has its own unique history and story.

3.) Discrimination and racism are still blatant in some establishments.  As a multicultural family we went to dine at an upscale hotel restaurant for brunch/afternoon tea but we were denied service. That is right, no one came to serve us.  No one came to ask us what we wanted to eat and we were more than “dolled up” for the occasion.  Needless, to say we got up and left the hotel restaurant.

4.) The word brilliant is used  a lot and in many different contexts.  Brilliant is synonymous to cool, perfect, good, outstanding, wonderful, amazing, awesome, beautiful, lovely, and great!

5.)  There is no such thing as carry out when you want to place a to-go order and carry it out with you.  In Ireland it is instead called take away.  If you use the term carry out no one will likely understand what you are talking about and everyone will know you are a foreigner.

6.) In the U.S. we place mulch down to beautify our lawns. Mulch is not used in Ireland and after talking with many Irish people at our friend’s wedding they don’t understand why we use mulch in the U.S.

7.)  Blood sausage and smoked salmon are prevalent and often eaten for breakfast.  Good thing our family loves smoked salmon.  What about the blood sausage?  What is it?  Blood sausage is a dark sausage traditionally made of pork and blood.  My husband got up the nerve to try a bite and that is about it.

8.) Afternoon tea is amazing and a must try if you have never tried it.  It consists of a variety of teas, sandwiches, and pastries/desserts  served on a multi-tiered platter.

9.) Adding on to #8, Ireland is the largest consumer of tea per capita than any country in the world! Source:
10.) Some restaurants will not serve you food or drinks after 9pm/10pm if you have a baby with you.  It is merely the  individual restaurant’s policy.

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