Interracial Dating

When Salsa Met Chutney-A Love Story

When Salsa Met Chutney-A Love Story

Interracial/Intercultural Love: Mexican Woman And Indian Man

About Us

Our names are Magy and Sam.   Magy is Mexican, and she was born and raised in the U.S.  Sam is Indian, and he was born and raised in India.

How We Met

Our first interaction was when we carpooled together for a camping trip in college.   We both were members of an outdoor adventure club in which we ended up going on many fun outdoor trips together.  We became close friends, and then after one year of sharing adventures together, we started dating.

How Long Have We Been Together

We have been dating for almost three years now and have been best friends for four years.

How Was Meeting Magy’s Family For The First Time

Since we were friends before we started to date, Sam had already met Magy’s family. He had been invited to family parties, and so Magy’s family was already comfortable with him.

How Was Meeting Sam’s Family For The First Time

Magy just recently (3 weeks ago) met Sam’s family in person.  It was an enjoyable experience to finally meet them, and they were lovely towards her.

What Obstacles Have You Confronted For Being In An Interracial/Intercultural Relationship

One of the biggest obstacles we have faced being in an interracial/ intercultural relationship has been being able to adopt a balance between the traditional and modern ideas from both cultures. The only way we managed this was to give each other time to question everything. Staying curious helps a lot. The more we learned about each other’s cultures over time, the more familiar it became. At that point, we were both able to decide what unique combination of ideas we wanted to adopt into our relationship.

Advice To Other Couples

Our advice to couples in interracial/intercultural relationships would be the following:

  • Always have an open mind. The struggles stemming from cultural differences will always be there, but only from a place of understanding can you begin to appreciate the differences.
  • Embrace the unknown, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

What Do You Love About Being In An Interracial/Intercultural Relationship

We both love the excitement that each other’s cultures bring into the relationship. Every day we get to experience something new.

What Are You Still Learning As A Result Of Being In An Interracial/Intercultural Relationship

First of all, we’re still learning each other’s languages!  Second, we’re still learning how to continue to grow together as a team.

Anything Else You Want To Add To Help Others

Our last piece of advice would be to remember to treat each other as best friends. Sometimes we forget that we are just two human beings who decided to care for each other.  Also and most of all, have fun and enjoy the journey of life together.


What did you think of Magy and Sam’s beautiful love story?  They recently got engaged and so we wanted to congratulate them again! Thank you both for sharing your love story with us!

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