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Hurricane Fail!

Hurricane  FAIL!


Two weeks after returning home from our honeymoon my husband and I were off to start our new life together in Houston, TX.  We had tearfully said goodbye  to our parents, stuffed my husband’s pint size, silver Lexus with as many clothes and other must-haves as we could and commenced our 18 hour journey.  I was going to be starting a new job in Houston, TX in a week and my husband would be looking for work when we got to TX.  On the road we were rehashing our weddings (we had a Christian ceremony and an Indian ceremony), singing at the top of our lungs (free at last–just kidding), and we were ready to take on the world.


Hurricane Fail!


As we left my parent’s home in IL, my mom, softly uttered that we were going to hate Houston, TX. We asked her why and she just told us you’ll see. Giving no further thought to her remarks we were well into our road trip to our new home.  As we hit the Ark-La-Tex border we noticed that there was bumper to bumper traffic on the opposite side of the highway.  We knew that hurricane IKE could hit Houston, TX but it was more than likely not going to happen per staying attuned to the radio.

However, as we drove further and further along the highway there was no traffic ahead of us.  Hence I told my husband we should probably get some food and drinks for the road because we don’t know what’s ahead and everything could be closed because of the impending hurricane.  My husband agreed and we stopped off at a Walmart that was on the side of the road.  We didn’t see anything out the ordinary as walked the aisles of Walmart and gathered: deli meat, cheese, chips, fruit, and water but for some reason there was hardly any bread left.  We even asked the cashier if there was some new news of the hurricane coming to Houston. They said they hadn’t heard or seen anything new.  Feeling more assured that perhaps people were just fleeing Galveston, TX incase the hurricane hit there we made our way to our hotel in Houston, TX. We were going to be signing the lease for our new apartment the following day. Or so we thought…

Hurricane Fail Part II , coming later this week!

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