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An Attestment To Love On Valentine’s Day

An Attestment To Love On Valentine’s Day:

A Tribute To You, Mrs. Gupta

Thank you, and I love You!

By, Sachin Gupta

I heard a speech last “Tuesday,” and what an interesting speech it was.  A message that was supposed to be the foundation in promoting unity ended up as something entirely different. For those of us listening, there was prolonged rhetoric that continued to push very divisive boundaries.   Boundaries that have steadily divided this country racially, economically, culturally, and politically, for the last several years. There has been a callousness and a level of insensitivity unseen in this generation that continues to fester, grow, and to be promoted. For this I am ungrateful…..

I Am Grateful For My Wife

I am grateful for my wife!  For taking a stand to promote interracial/intercultural relationships and marriages.  In addition, to having a multicultural family and being able to articulate the intricacies of having such a relationship on the world wide web.  This is the reality of promoting unity.

Opening Up Our Lives To The World

On this blog, we have shared our most personal familial details with a broader audience, in the hopes of educating, providing relief for those in need, and ultimately being a knowledge-base for those curious.  In order, for us to truly transcend racism and hatred, we as a society need to continue to evolve. We need to hear more stories about love & interracial/intercultural relationships, and the associated journeys each unique relationship takes. Our relationship has been chronicled in the early days of this blog. From me being disowned from my family for falling in love with an African-American woman, to all the hardships my wife had to face in being a new member in an Indian family.

Telling And Sharing Your Stories Makes Us All Stronger

Sure, our story may help others, but promoting the stories of hundreds of other couples speaks in greater magnitude than we ever could. Hearing about others heartaches, joys, pains, sadness, and happiness, in a shared context, makes us all stronger. It allows many of us to understand that we aren’t alone, that there is someone else who has persevered through the same ordeal. It also, more importantly, gives other couples and individuals an avenue to vent and release their privation and frustrations.

Therefore, in reality, my wife has turned Growing up Gupta into so much more.  Not only, is Growing up Gupta our story out on the world wide web, but it is also the story of a plethora of other couples willing to share a piece of their lives.   Both the great and not so great, for the rest of us to learn from, become educated from, and hopefully become more human from too.

We all experience love, joy, hate, sadness, happiness, jealousy, frustration, jubilance, and many other emotions.  But we rarely in our everyday lives get to hear uplifting stories from strong couples that have “persisted” in spite of all the odds being against them.  For promoting these stories, I thank my wife.  For transcending this blog which began about our story to the stories of an abundance of others, I thank my wife. For actually promoting not just one story of unity, but many stories about unity, for that I love my wife.

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