What Is Multiracial

What Is Multiracial?

“And what did you put her down as?”

Preschool Wait A Second

My parents have not been the biggest proponents of preschool because they believe that it hampers creativity.  It causes children to think that there is only one way to do things.  Hence when we enrolled our 4-year-old child into preschool we treaded lightly with them on the subject.  And in our investigation of preschools, we determined that our toddler’s creativity would not be stifled.  Why?  How?  Well because the preschool we ultimately selected caters to each individual child’s learning style etc.  Furthermore, it is a preschool with multicultural learning intermixed in the curriculum, and it is largely play based.


What Is Your Child’s Race?

Thus, both of my parents settled down a bit after learning this, and after hearing directly from our toddler that her first day was a success.  However, it was in the course of this discussion that my parents asked me the question of all questions.  The question, my husband and I did not anticipate them asking, but they did.  “And what did you put her down as, Nikita?”  I, questioned them back, “ethnicity/race wise?’  We put down/checked what she is Mom and Dad.’   I put an X in the  multiracial box of course.”  Immediately, submerged in doubt my dad asked me, “and what is that Nikita?”  I said, “that is what she is dad.”  He then stated why not write down Blindian (aka Black and Indian)?

My husband and I laughed because only a small percentage of the world understand what Blindian is but being multiracial is universally understood.  My dad, always the one that feels the need to get his point across, then retorted, “create it then!’  Create it in its very own space if you need too.”

We let our conversation end at that but that got us thinking about how would writing Blindian be received?  Would it be confused?  What box do you check?  Or what do you write in for your biracial/multiracial child?

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