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The Ultimate List Of Multicultural Businesses To Check Out In 2020


The Ultimate List Of Multicultural Businesses To Check Out Now

Where are the multicultural businesses? How do you find them? Have these questions sprung to mind in your multicultural family home? Since the inception of this blog, we have sought diverse and inclusive family resources. Today, we are sharing a directory of multicultural businesses (including authors, bloggers, vloggers, etc.) that you should know about. Let’s just say this is the ultimate list of businesses that you should check out, pass along, and save.

A Directory Of Multicultural Businesses 


Humna Mustafa

Humna is an artist and ceramics decorator based in the U.K.

Mia Maelzer

Mia is an artist and award-winning actress based in India.


Ajanta Chakraborty

Ajanta is an award-winning author of the Maya Neel Books on India by Culture Groove Kids.

Hannah Edington Tekle

Hannah is the author of multicultural fiction. Her first book, Kilis Culture, is a critique on foreign aid and development, as seen through a love triangle.

Nikita Gupta

Nikita is the creator of and the author of various books: The Art Of Interracial Dating; I Love Masala Me, and Habits Of Successful Career Nomads. Her newest book, a children’s book, is called I Love Masala Me. I Love Masala me celebrates children that come from multicultural and multiracial backgrounds.

Reena Bhansali

Reena is the author of Hindi by Reena. Fun Hindi kids books, courses, products, and adult classes.

Sang Kromah

Sang  is a young adult fantasy author. Her novel, Djinn, takes Liberian and Middle Eastern lore and modernizes stories in an American setting.

Shoumi Sen

Shoumi is the creator of “From The Toddler Diaries,” a series of children’s books on Indian culture and mythology.

Consulting And Coaching Services

Gaya Trisethi

Consulting and coaching to writers, creatives, and academics.

Educational Resources For Children


Diverse arts and craft activities for kids to teach them about the diversity in the world.

Bollywood Groove

Kids Bollywood dance and culture.

Indigrow Kids

Provides multicultural inspired books and games.

Raising A Legacy

Holiday themed pintables for kids.

The Heritage Supply Co.

Delivers children’s educational toys and resources that bridge South Asian language, art, and culture with modern designs to preserve and pass on heritage to future generations.

Little Likes Kids

Diverse puzzles and games for kids.

Raising A Legacy

Holiday themed pintables for kids.

Educational And Cultural Subscription Boxes For Kids


Subscription boxes teaching cultural awareness + global diversity. Use promo code GUG10 for 10% off an annual subscription.

Little Global Citizens

Fosters open-mindedness and compassion in children by introducing them to cultures of the world, one country at a time.

Toka Box

The only South Asian subscription box for children that combines literacy and S.T.E.M.

Family And Relationship Services

Brown Girl Rise Up

A community that runs retreats globally and creates sisterhood connections for women of color to rise up and tap into their power.

Dr. Patricia D. Johnson

Marriage and Family Therapist

Dr. Johnson focuses on interracial relationships and marriages.

I.K. Sahara Foundation 

A domestic and sexual violence foundation that provides support to those impacted by DV/sexual abuse, mental health, addictions, and trauma.

Kahani Events & Design

Wedding décor and design, including henna for South Asian and other cultural/multicultural weddings in Minnesota, USA.

Mayas Book Nook

A speech-language pathologist and reading researcher helping struggling readers. They promote strong language and literacy skills through diverse children’s books.


Love And Relationship Coach.

Home Services

The Luxe Wash

Luxury mobile detailing. Premium car washing services in Houston, TX.

Vyana Infant Massage

They teach baby massage online and in-person.


Personal and pet services.

Home Décor And Fashion

I Love Masala Me

Multicultural Family products inspired from the children’s book I Love Masala Me and Growing Up Gupta. 

Masala My Life

Indian inspired fits, jewelry, and more, including two new subscription boxes. Use promo code GUPTAS10 for 10% off!

The Elizab3thjoy Custom Home Décor & Tees

Custom Home Décor & Tees.


Heritage Textiles Of India

Sustainably made brand repurposing Indian textiles.

Mixed Love Global

Clothing brand.

Personality Designs

Designer of womenswear.

The Mom Tribeca

Tees for mama’s and their mini’s.

Kid Instagrammers

Amaya Kaitlin

Amaya is a 7-year old African-American and South Asian aspiring model and actress. She is also the daughter of Nikita Gupta (@growingupguptas).

Cheese Babies

Sonya and Hira are two kids that cook. Sonya does Indian fusion; Hira loves to back the classics. They host classes where all the money goes to charities.

Language Resources

Learn Malayalam With Eli Kutty

Learn Gujarati & Hindi With Bolobolo Baby

Bolobolo Baby

Multicultural Book Shops

Ruby’s Reads U.K.

Asian Lit For Kids

Amayah’s Diverse Books


Little Free Diverse Libraries

Amplify and empower Black and Brown Children. B.I.P.O.C. authors, all purchased from Black-owned bookstores.


Invisible India

Find almost 50 podcast episodes of thoughtful analysis of cross-cultural (Indian-Western) relationships. They have included several stereotype breakers covering topics of gender stereotypes, adoption, language learning, etc.

The Story Seeds Podcast

A podcast in which kids collaborate with authors.

Publishers Of Children’s Books

Global Kidz House

Celebrates the diversity of Africa and the African diaspora through children’s books.

Raising World Children

Create resources and books for multicultural families to empower kids to be diverse. They also assist writers looking to self-publish.

Restaurants And Bakeries

Krishna’s Pie Cottage

A new Indo-Caribbean Bakery by a South Asian/Indian wife, Krishna and her African-American husband, Jermaine based in Los Angeles, CA.

Krishna’s Pie Cottage

Reviewers And Illustrators

Beti Books

Review children’s literature and other media with strong Black and Brown characters.

Garam Masala Studios

Illustrates, writes reviews on movies, books, and entertainment. Create awareness on Blasian and Black mixed history and culture in the media.

Supriya Thapar

Reviewer of children’s books.

Web Comic

Hedgie And Quill

Is a new web comic showcasing a combination of light-hearted and serious topics.

Web And Graphic Design

Jamila’s Graphics

A graphic designer with a passion for brand development projects on communications, marketing, and environmental sustainability teams.


Plant-Based And Broke

Aly shares plant-based meals that are made with affordable and accessible ingredients.

Kiwi Punjabi Wife

Amy has been with her Punjabi husband Indy for eight years, and they have a 22-month-old boy. She shares some of her life in New Zealand and their journey as a family.

The White Punjabi Bride

Tanya shares advice and experience as a multicultural family integrating the Punjabi and Australian cultures. You can also find other interracial couples married into Indian culture; wedding stories, experiences, and advice.


Urmi is a medical speech and language pathologist. She is a mom to 1 amazing son with a Gujarati, Black, and Turkish mixed background. She shares all aspects of her professional and personal life, including child development, mental health advocacy, social justice, and navigating co-parenting with a toddler.

Veg Head Vero

Veronica is a multicultural and multiracial plant-based Instagrammer and blogger. Join her as she explores the world with her family and shares lots of recipes.

Wanderlust Writer Creator

Keisha Matthews is a family and culture themed writer.


American Tadka

Cheyenne is American and her husband, Raj, is from India. Together they have a 19-month-old. Cheyenne shares her American and Indian recipes on American Tadka Kitchen. You can also find her on Tiktok @cheysingh).

A Rich And Jazzy Life

Jasmine is a Drama Teacher, and Rich is a Nurse Administrator. They are also social media influencers/family YouTubers and travel agents. They have two daughters Royce 3, and Reign, 4. On their YouTube and social, you will find family lifestyle, food, and travel.

Curry Mama

Taylor shares bits and pieces of her multicultural joint family life. It’s never a dull day.

Curry And The States

Telwin and Carolyn produce fun videos.  Learn about arranged marriage, the biggest India trip mistakes, India trip hacks, how much a trip to India costs, how to buy a saree, India’s foods, and much more.

I Am Naidu

Mahesh and Charis are vloggers that focus on educational videos about Indian and American cultures, educational travel videos, food/cooking, and the sport of vaulting and cricket. As an interracial couple, they enjoy sharing their experiences and adventures.

The Chambers Dynasty

Multicultural/Blindian Family Vloggers.

The Elizab3thjoy

African-American lifestyle and D.I.Y. Vlogger raising two Blindian girls.


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