As a new parent you never know what your child is going to say, or when they are going to say it.  Our journey in parenthood thus far has been exhausting, trying, beautiful, and humorous.  We wanted to share some of the humorous sayings we have encountered thanks to our 3 year old toddler. Here are our top 10 Hilarious Toddler Sayings that make us LOL and cry at the same time.



1.) Toddler: “My butterfly wings don’t work?!’ I can’t fly!”

As a parent: Who knew that a toddler was so inquisitive and could adequately determine that toy butterfly wings can not help them fly? If only they could because now your toddler no longer wants the non-flying wings you purchased.

2.) Toddler: “I can’t reach the moon, it is too high!’ Oh, wait, we need a ladder!”

As a parent: You think to yourself, okay wait, who is this little person I/we have created?  And that may have been the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard anyone say!  As an adult, perhaps we don’t often stop to simply think outside of the box this way because we are so used to things being the way they are?

3.) Toddler: “Mom these are the perfect shoes for you to wear everyday!’ They are your princess shoes!”

As a parent: How can you not chuckle at the innocence of this remark.  It was perhaps a similar sentiment that you had in your 20’s or prior to becoming a parent (with the exception of the princess part). However, now that you are a parent you prefer chasing a toddler around in comfortable footwear (flats please!).

4.) Toddler: “Your tummy too big!”  

As a parent: This statement  makes you laugh and cry at the same time, thanks Peppa Pig!  Mommy and/or daddy are off to work out!


5.) Toddler: “Daddy and/or Mommy is a bad baby!” 

As a parent: You hear your child say this when you say something they don’t want to hear, or they can’t have what they want.


6.) Toddler: “My new doll/toy needs clothes too!’ Can we go get them more clothes, please?”

As a parent: You are happy to be able to give your child a new doll/toy but don’t care for the expense of purchasing additional clothing for the doll/toy.  Nonethess you eventually find yourself purchasing more clothing and/or accessories for the toy/doll.  The joys of parenthood!

7.) Toddler: “We gotta go get some more (insert your toddler’s favorite snacks, clothing, toys etc)! ‘ Let’s go buy some more, please!” As a parent: You wish that everything from food to drinks, to clothing etc was readily available in the real world like it is in your toddler’s world.








8.) Toddler: “What happy?  Oops, did I just spill my beverage and/or let all the food slide off my plate and onto the floor?” As a parent: Your job is endless and your child knows that Mommy/Daddy you will clean everything up of course.








9.) Toddler: “I love my new dress/outfit/shoes!’ Thank you, I’m going to wear it to bed!” 

As a parent: You try to remain stern and to keep your child’s routine in place for bed time. However, they are crying hysterically, you know that they won’t be little forever, and if you don’t give in you aren’t going to be getting any sleep (it is now 2:30am)!







10.) Toddler: “What’s that?”  This phrase is stated around 400 times a day.

As a parent: It’s wonderful to relive remembering the newness of the world around you.  In addition, to secretly chuckling inside yourself  as you have to figure out the right way to say some things to your child.











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  1. My toddler says “too big!” everytime we change him into new clothes. Some of them are actually getting small but “too big” is his apparent attempt at an excuse to not to have to change.

    1. Growing Up Gupta says:

      Hahah! That is funny! Kids always seem to know what to say to get their way.

  2. Too funny! We’re going through the “mommy” stage. Today’s fun included “mommy toes” as he poked at them. Lol… Love toddlers!

    1. Growing Up Gupta says:

      HAHAH! We do too! Thanks for reading!

  3. Too cute! Aren’t they the best? One my favorites from my little boy was, “There are two kinds of chicken: one that’s alive and one you eat! ?

    1. Growing Up Gupta says:

      Yes they are the best! LOL!

  4. Charu says:

    Recently my son asked me ‘how are babies born? They fly down??

    1. Growing Up Gupta says:


  5. momknowsbest15 says:

    My boys are beyond toddlers but still say things that are cute. My nine year old tells me to pull up my pants always.

    1. Growing Up Gupta says:

      LOL! That is funny!

  6. Kids really do say the darnedest things!! So cute!

    1. Growing Up Gupta says:

      Yes they do!

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