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Unexpected Love. East Africa Meets East India. Interracial/Intercultural Marriage: African Woman And Indian Man

Unexpected Love. East Africa Meets East India.

Interracial/Intercultural Marriage: African Woman and Indian Man

“Color is the only difference.  We all belong to one race, we are apart of the human race.”

About Us

Hi, everyone we are Nash and Biswajit Behera.  I, Nash am African, and my husband, Biswajit is Indian.

Where Are You From

I am from Uganda (East Africa), and my husband is from East India.

How Did You Meet

We met through a friend who was working with Nash.

How Long Have You Been Together

We have been together for six years now. We dated for three years and have been married for three years.

Where Do You Currently Live

We currently live in Kampala – Uganda. 

How Was Meeting His Parents For The First Time

I (Nash) was nervous meeting Biswajit’s parents.  I  had communicated with them for a year via phone before our marriage.  And I did not know how they would react to meeting me physically because they are Indian.  At the end of the day, the meeting was very emotional.
I was showered with love by Biswajit’s parents and I immediately felt at home.

How  Was Meeting Her Parents For The First Time

My husband met my parents while we were still dating and it was overwhelming.   They liked Biswajit instantaneously.

What Obstacles Did You Encounter For Being In An Interracial/Intercultural Relationship And How Did You Overcome These Obstacles

Nash states that in my country it’s so hard and so rare to find Indians marrying Africans so people would stare too much and that made me uncomfortable at times.  However, over time, I just got used to it.

Provide Any Engagement Or Wedding Tips You Wish You Knew Beforehand

My engagement was too quick, exclaims Nash.  My husband was so impatient, and I had no time to do all the things that I had planned for that day in particular.  So I would say take time to plan ahead for your big day since marriage is supposed to happen once in a lifetime.

What Do You Love About Being In An Interracial/Intercultural Marriage

Color is the only difference.  We all belong to one race, we are apart of the human race.   I, Nash personally love the fact that we get to learn about each other’s cultures.  Falling in love doesn’t need to be from the same culture; different ethnicities can also make love a beautiful thing.

What Are You Still Learning From Being In An Interracial/Intercultural Marriage

We are still learning how to cope up with the environment we live in.  We live in a country where people are not used to seeing a couple of African and Indian descent together.

How Are You Raising Your Child/Children To Know Both Of Your Cultures

Today our son is only 1 year and 6 months old so he will have to learn about our cultural differences as he gets older ( maybe three years old).  We are planning to make him go to school here in Africa and we will gradually teach him about his dad’s culture at home. My husband speaks to him in his language (Hindi) while I speak English so this will help him understand the difference.

What did you think of Nash and Biswajit’s love story? Isn’t their multicultural family beautiful?! Thank you, Nash for writing to us and sharing your charming love story.  It is great to hear when parents are happy for their children to wed regardless of ethnicity.  Have a story you want to share with us? Write to us at [email protected].  Love this story and others like it? Pin it for later! Find us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook @growingupguptas and on Twitter @growingupgupta.


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