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I am An Indian Woman In Love With A Nigerian Man.”What Did Your Parents Say?”

I’m An Indian Woman In Love With A Nigerian Man

“What Did Your Parents Say?”

Guest Post By Sukhi Saggu

What did your parents say is a question that I often get asked when I say that I am in a relationship with an African man. I am an Indian girl who has grown up in a Punjabi family, and tradition is critical to us. I met my handsome Nigerian man one night when I went clubbing with my University friends, and I was completely sober. I had gone to the bar to ask for water (the broke student life), and he had caught my eye and helped me get a drink. We danced and got to know each other and the week after, we had our first date!

I’ve Fallen In Love With An African Man

Almost four years later, I still get asked what my parents thought of us being together. “So, what did they say?”My mother and sister were not 100% keen on how serious our relationship was, but they were very open people. I don’t think they are still 100% eager on it, to be honest, but they have warmed up. I don’t really talk to my dad, but he found out and confronted my mother about it but never honestly had the guts to speak to me about it. The thing is, it’s essential to realize what makes you happy.

There are too many people to satisfy, and often we let that consume us but why shouldn’t you be happy?

This is the philosophy we have both held and used to make us stronger. My extended family, however, have entirely disowned me. Frankly, this was a blessing in disguise because they are not very nice people, in all honesty. I never got along with their beliefs, and due to having an all-female household, we are often looked down on a lot. My grandparents are a bit confusing. This morning, my mother told me that they are happy to hear that I got a new job with a fantastic company and that he and I are making our lives and “at least she is with one man“… I can only take that as a positive!

What Does His Family Think

On my African partner’s side, he has a close-knit family too of his mother, father, and brother, and they are the people that matter, and I really like them! They have welcomed me with open arms and have helped us a lot. More importantly, they are understanding and made an effort to get to know me.

Being Interfaith

My partner and his family are pretty religious Christians. My family is quite religious Sikhs. And, I’m an atheist, possibly an agnostic atheist. In some interracial relationships, there is often this situation. However, it can work! How? Be open-minded and curious because there is so much that you can learn from one another. Try not to get offended and push your faith on your partner- there is usually a reason why they believe what they do, and more importantly, respect it.

Blending Cultures

In my journey, I have found that our two cultures are similar in many ways, and it has shocked me. Both cultures are proud, hardworking, and genuinely value their elders and respect their peers. These are strong core values echoed in the family household, so we encourage them heavily in ours. Once again, be open to new things. My partner is the worst at that! He likes what he likes, and that’s it. However, over the years, he has slowly opened up to Indian food and Italian food, etc. And funny but true, this is also the same for me. I’m not too fond of egusi (a West African seafood stew). It is also worth noting that I do not eat meat, but I do love some Jollof rice with salad or some Moi Moi (Nigerian Steamed Pudding without fish) and pounded yam! Even after these years, we are still learning what we like and don’t like, but in life, I said, an open mind is vital. Of course, you will get a lot of stares, and you will get a lot of pressure but leave that where it belongs – outside the relationship. Enjoy each other and keep each other happy. At the end of the day, it’s you two against the world!

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  1. Stay true to yourself and your love

  2. I am in a relationship with a lady from Gujarat who was brought up in Bombay.
    I told her she is the best woman I have ever met.

    1. Growing Up Gupta says:

      Wonderful! Thank you for reading.

  3. I simply want to mention I’m newbie to weblog and definitely liked this web-site. More than likely I’m likely to bookmark your site . You definitely come with perfect articles and reviews. Thank you for revealing your web site.

  4. OKEZIE says:

    Hello and Good day,
    I love your story and it’s simplicity.
    You spoke enlightened and well travelled.
    It’s gladens my heart that you’ve found love and fulfillment in the eyes of another other than your race.
    I have heard quite a lot about Indians and their lifestyle which I must say is not encouraging as it centred on hate for skin and excessive love for money.
    But am a Nigerian man who is so addictivly in love with Indians.
    By the grace of God, I will be traveling to Indian this year to look for my Indian second half. I don’t know how it will happen but am confident that it will happen.
    We have not met nor spoken but am certain she is somewhere in Indian waiting for my arrival.
    I would love to ask, what part of Indians bears the name SHARMA.

    1. Growing Up Gupta says:

      Hi Okezie! Sharma is a Northern Indian surname. Spelling can also be Sarman. Good luck and best regard! Thanks for reading!

      1. OKEZIE says:

        Thank you exceedingly and do have a prosperous 2018.

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