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A List Of Free Magazines Across The U.S.

A List Of Free Indian Magazines Across The U.S.

Where are the free Indian magazines?  Navigating a new culture can be more than trying at times.  There have been numerous occasions that I have been completely lost about where to locally buy or locate X pertaining to my husband’s South Asian culture.  Therefore, once I found out about a free Indian magazine in our home state I immediately subscribed.  The magazine called Saathee has been a must-have in our home and every time my in-laws come to visit they ask to see the magazine too.  Why?  It features where to buy everything related to South Asian culture in our area.  And it also showcases up-in-coming cultural events/festivals, restaurants, realtors, financial advisors, schools, you name it.

This, of course, got me thinking about where the free Indian magazines are across the U.S. for those of you wondering?  Here is what I’ve identified thus far and the state the magazine caters to.


1.) Saathee, North Carolina

2.) City Masala, Florida

3.) Khaas Bhaat, Florida

4.) Desh Videsh, Georgia

5.) Khabar, Georgia
6.) India Currents, Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA
7.) Indus Business Journal, Massachusetts

8.) India New England News, Massachusetts
9.) The Indian Express, North American Edition, New York
10.) India Abroad, Midwest Edition,  IL

11.) Khabar Magazine, Tennessee
12.) Khabar Magazine, Alabama
13.) Khabar Magazine, South Carolina
14.) The Asian Reporter, Oregon

15.) Bonus! In IL there are also two newspapers 1.) India Bulletin, Chicago, IL, and 2.) India Tribute, Chicago, IL

Have you subscribed to any of the magazines on this list?  What South Asian magazines have you found in your state?  Let us know if we missed one so that we can add it to this list in the U.S.  We hope this list is beneficial.  Like our content?  Subscribe!  Comment below!  Pin this article for later!

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  1. i dont really read these but i like to have a list when my families come…thank you for the info.

  2. What a great resources!

  3. Monika says:

    Thanks a lot for compiling this list. I have always been big on magazine subscriptions but missed reading Indian magazines here in US.

  4. Wow that is a good list. When I am traveling out of India I really need to get hold of news about my country. Online and magazines

  5. Woah! Had no idea! Though, I’m surprised there was nothing in the NJ area. 🙂

  6. I know a lot of people who read the New York one! Good list!

  7. Great resource, have written for Khabar a few times!

  8. Love this resource list!

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