All the successful, Real Housewives shows really consist of the same ingredients.  They know how to pull you in by making you feel like you are meeting up with a group of your girlfriends.  You start to memorialize listening in on all the latest gossip, cattiness, and novelties happening in their lives.  You laugh and you cry, although, not often in unison or for the same reason.  Additionally, while the women are older than me on the shows they are relatable. How?  These are women that typically: want something out of life, their careers and/or Stay At Home “Mompreneur” ventures, and have a family. However given these factors, over the years, I’ve found that traveling with a toddler is more amusing than watching The Real Housewives.
How?   Here are ways:560a69de7bb4a99584a42c8e11b2f565.png
1.) Each week you are eagerly waiting to see if the show will be lackluster, or bring full-throttle, unadulterated and anticipated drama.  Whereas, when it comes to your toddler the drama is GUARANTEED (often) for the duration of your travel(s). Even, prior to your travel(s) beginning:   “Mom where is Peppa Pig, I can’t find Peppa Pig, I need Peppa!”
2.) Adding to #1, you often find yourself having to watch the same drawn out story line drama for the duration of the show and sometimes season.  Example 1, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Hadid and Munchausen Syndrome. Example 2, the Real Housewives of Potomac, “Etiquette 101; I’m Biracial not Black!”  Alternatively with a toddler the story line drama shifts from second to second. “Mom, I need food. Mom, I want to push the stroller. Mom I need to go to the potty, I just went #2. Oh, never mind it’s not #2 its #1 and I still need to go to the potty.  Mom I don’t want to sit in my car or expensive airplane seat by myself. Dad, Dad, where is Mom?  Water!”  DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA, you can’t make these story lines up.
3.) You don’t have to wait until next week to find out how the conflict will be resolved or prolonged. Instead if your toddler doesn’t want to sit in their seat while you are traveling you create a solution then and there (i.e. use of the airplane seat belt extender for the toddler that doesn’t want to sit in their seat alone, putting a movie into the portable CD player to calm the toddler on a rampage to get out of their car seat etc).  You await your next challenge head on.
4.) You don’t have to be fixated on/watch the demise of relationships and friendships of 20 years.  For instance, the friendship between Real Housewives of NY cast members Ramona and Dorinda.  On the other hand, when you are traveling with your toddler and finding yourself laughing one minute and shrieking the next you will still be your toddler’s friend/1st friend.
5.) Watching the Real Housewives can cause you to “crave” some of the women’s lives and lifestyles. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, anyone? In contrast, when you are traveling with your toddler and finally reach your destination (Disney world, seeing Grandma and Grandpa, going to the beach etc.) you are enjoying an enriching experience/adventure together as a family.  These are “childhood perfect” memories that will become stories that you can rehash and relive for years to come.


***Oh, who am I kidding?  Being a parent is a 24/7 occupation. It is hard! And I can pause, start, or stop the show at any time.  Now where is the darn remote so that I can catch up on the Real Housewives show I missed last night?  I am ready to revel in fact that we made it through our travels and are back home safe and sound. Are you a Real Housewives addict? Do you find that travelling with your child/toddler is more amusing than the Real Housewives or another guilty pleasure television show? Write us. Post a comment below. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter at Growing Up Gupta.

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