Is Having Kids A Prerequisite to Ants and Other Uninvited Pests?



Is Having Kids a Prerequisite to Ants and other Un-invited pest


My obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) has gone into overdrive since having a child.  I wouldn’t even say I had OCD previously, I just enjoyed having a clean home that wasn’t also a second home to ants and other tiny insect invaders.  However since having my 2.5 year old daughter, Amaya, I feel as if I have developed it.  Why?  My 2.5 year old daughter loves to drop everything on the floor, hide it in a cabinet or two, put it in a drawer, and put her hands on everything.  I have become  hardwired to follow after her to make sure everything is picked up and scrubbed down so that no crumb remains or so I think.  Because even though I have been diligent to keep things sanitary it seems that she scrupulously finds a way to leave something behind to state “Amaya was here”.

Ants Be GONE


Ants, ants they were everywhere.  In the kitchen, laundry room, and living room. I frantically called our pest control company and shrieked for them to come and spray our first floor for ants again for the fourth time this month.  In haste, they tried to calm me down so that I wouldn’t cancel my service agreement.   Now at my home, the pest inspector stated that “ants unfortunately take time to go away but keep everything clean and in time they will no longer be in your home.”  “You might be surprised but I’m actually excellent at this”, the pest control guy exhaled in bewilderment.   Continuing on, he said “my manager is going to call you and make sure that everything has been checked.”   In my mommy bear mode, he knew I needed to hear that what he was putting down would be safe for my child.  He quipped, “yes this is a green product and safe for your child to be around just make sure she doesn’t touch anything over here and it dries for two hours.”



I had already tried every tried and true ant be gone solution I could find on the internet.  Yes, cayenne pepper, vinegar, windex, ammonia, bleach, borax mixed with sugar and water, ant spray, caulking the baseboards and vents, you name it and still the ants kept coming back. It was almost as if they were taunting and teasing me to see what else I would try and come back to show me it failed. With this continuing and my nerves in overdrive my husband asked his coworkers if they had ants after having kids and each one belted out yes!

At my wit’s end, I purchased food grade diatomaceous earth on  amazon and dusted the entire lower level of our home with the powder.  The clean up was a nightmare!   I had to scrub the hardwood floors a dozen times to get it all up but after that was done and the pest control man had left now for the 5th time the ants were gone. Yes! Finally all gone!  As a back up, I have now put down terro baits in the areas where we had ants previously and also use a sonic pest plugin.  The results?  We haven’t had any bugs in our home!  And my OCD is slowly but surely being dispelled.

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

Sonic Pest Plugin
As a parent have you had un-invited pest?  What has your solution been? Has motherhood or fatherhood made you feel like you have OCD?  Write us. Post a comment below. Like our content? Subscribe!

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